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BEST INVENTION from 2008 to 2020 – Tested by Moto GP Team!
The original technology of the GT PERFORMANCE series was developed by us and for this we were awarded by our customers with the best ratings for real motorcycle simulation „WORLDs BEST FULL MOTION MOTORBIKE SIMULATOR“. The GT PERFORMANCE Motorcycle Simulator executes sensitive, real swivel (steering) movements into the curve and real acceleration out of the curve. (Explanation: As in reality on the road, the driver swings by real weight shifting. The GT PERFORMANCE MOTORBIKE SIMULATOR supports the driver into the curve by a sophisticated hydraulic patent solution and by turning the throttle handle the machine is accelerated out of the curve and put upright again. In some suppliers of motorcycle simulators, the steering (swivel) movement is usually carried out by electric motors, which make jerky movements and the movements are not represented in reality.


The GT PERFORMANCE series is characterized by the following features:
• Real and fast pan and tilt movements
• The front wheel lifts off during strong acceleration
• The rear wheel lifts off when braking very hard
• During a braking manoeuvre, the front wheel compresses
• Motorcycle productions in different classes
• Optional with Virtual Reality HMD
• Racing Software & Sound

Different versions
• Active cornering chassis – improved feeling when accelerating out of a bend
• Deflection in fork during braking
• Full Motion Motorcycle Platform
• Different degrees of freedom
• Real motorcycle feeling
• Foot riders and handlebars active
• Active handlebars, left + right
• Accelerate, accelerate
• Slide, drift and speed
• Goes into a tilted position
• Wheels turn
• Wheelie & Stoppie

An absolute must for every biker!


Motorcycle Simulators | Equipment & Features | 2020

Motorcycle Simulators | Equipment & Features | 2020


• Real Time Simulation
• Motion Base 3 / 5 Axis
• Different classes possible
• Various motorcycle
• CAN-Bus Interface
• Virtual Reality Games
• Optimized for HTC Vive
• Custom optimized
• Branding

The motorcycle simulators can be produced individually and according to customer requirements. Different equipment variants and features are possible and according to budget. Even the Basic Version is a high quality motorcycle simulator up to state of the art. The prices and possibilities are modular. Depending on the software equipment, high-quality simulation games from leading developers and publishers can be used for racing bikes, street motorcycles, MotoGP or MotorCross.

Racing Bikes, Street motorcycles, MotoGP or MotorCross

Motorcycle Simulators | Equipment & Features | 2020
• Basic System or High-End Version
• Conversion costs for motorcycle
• Equipment and features
• Software & Visualization
• Hardware adaptations
• Training requirements
• Possible applications
• Further features
• Design / Type
• Licence costs
• Gamification
• Software