Motorbike Simulator GT Performance 2
The complex movements of motorcycle riding are simulated. Our Motorbike Simulator is first and foremost an eye-catcher when rented for trade fairs and events of all kinds and stimulates a high-degree of interest in all visitors. The motorcycle simulator replicates the actual operation in various degrees of freedom and is remarkable for its fantastic closeness to reality. It is a challenge for any biker. Specially built motorbike simulators with different functions and degrees of freedom can be made, also in serial production. Each ride on the simulator is an absolute experience and sure to fascinate any bike fan. It is obvious by the joyful faces of newcomers and even absolute beginners that the riding characteristics evoke a fascination and excitement for the motorbike sport. You quickly feel confident with the bike.
Basic Info

Dimensions/structure: (LxWxH) approx. 340×150x200cm
Truss stand (for back branding): (WxH) 140×195cm
Plinth (for branding): (LxWxH) approx. 225×105x30cm
Exhibition stand space: 4×3 meters
Power: 230V / 16A / 2 kW; Weight: approx. 300 kg

Technical requirement for the operation of the motorbike simulator
is a 230 Volt-socket for the base station and steering mechanism.

Our simulators are being continuously developed and may be employed in various configurations. High-tech conformant to industrial standards are the hallmark of our simulators. We develop and manufacture our own simulators to meet the high expectations of our customers and to satisfy the extreme requirements of implementation at trade fairs, exhibitions and events.


Starting off, accelerating, steadying, swerving and braking are all simulated perfectly and convey to the rider an enormously realistic riding feeling. “Just for fun” at trade fairs, exhibitions and events, it is an absolute eye-catcher and a magnet for the public.

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