Motorbike Simulators for Entertainment & Edutainment
– GT Performance type 3 & 5, low budget or state of the art
– motorbike simulator for driver license education

Motorcycle Simulator for Driver License Education
The motorbike simulator is exhausting all possibilities of Road Star cyclo-L5e. All movements and tools are provided by the steering wheel switching keys. The motorbike simulator gives a real feeling of riding a motorbike. The front fork is steerable, the motorbike (mid-range bike approx. 500 – 600 ccm) is equipped with oblique motion, oblique position, footbrake, shifting system, pc-system Windows 7, Road Star cyclo L5e.

Motorcycle Simulator with Oculus Rift
Driver training in a virtually real environment is possible so real that you feel to be in the middle of road. The technology is Virtual Reality.

We produce your simulator to match your budget and storyboard

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